Artist Spotlight: Lynne Hollingsworth

By Jiun Liao

Lynne Hollingsworth grew up in Toronto, and studied at the Ontario College of Art and the University of Toronto, with an additonal experience at Teachers’ College. She and her husband Darryl have lived in Muskoka since 1986, and moved to the Orillia area in 2017. 

 Creative endeavours have always been Lynne’s main focus and her love of art continues to be her driving force. While living near Huntsville, Ontario, she pursued this as a member of Muskoka Arts and Crafts, and the Huntsville Art group for several years, participating in many fundraisers as well. Her work has been displayed in many venues and she is currently looking for gallery representation while working from her home near Washago. 

 She and her husband Darryl share a love of music as well. Darryl has been a popular singer/entertainer in Muskoka since performing regularly at numerous resorts, beginning with Muskoka Sands, (now Taboo), The Highwayman chain, then more resorts such as Deerhurst, The Royal York in Toronto, the Bo Peep restaurants in Toronto, Lumina, Grandview, Clevelands House, Pinelands, casinos, opera houses, fairs, churches and so on. Lynne learned how to play the Djembe hand drum to accompany her husband and enjoys playing it to this day.  

 The Muskoka Magazine did an article about Lynne’s art and music some time ago. She was looking different with her black hair then. 

Her family also created a professional puppet show which performed at many resorts and fairs all over the area, and for years was a popular addition to venues from private parties, malls, churches, fall fairs and so on.  

 Her paintings range from landscape to still life, figurative to impressionist and her paintings have been shipped as far away as Australia. She works mostly in acrylic now but has used oils, watercolours and pastels as well.  

 Delighted that her works both inspire and comfort, invoking peaceful thoughts in this troubled world, which is just one of the reasons artists create, she continues to stretch her skills and her vision. 

 Her social media presence acts as her main platform for her paintings. You can see her work on her website,, and she has a Facebook page and profile, as well as her participation on Instagram and other platforms.