By Jiun Liao

After a 40 year hiatus from painting, my creative journey was kick-started in January 2020 as the pandemic began circling the globe.  

I am a self-taught artist with an inclination towards realism.  I initially used oils but have made the switch to acrylics as they provide me with an opportunity to proceed at a faster pace than oils.  I prefer large scale format, bright colours and interesting subject matter.  My method of creating involves utilizing photographs (both hard copies and digital).  Prior to commencing a project, I research as much as possible to get an understanding of the subject, i.e., on a visual, intellectual and emotional level.   With rocker portraits I immerse myself in their music and watch documentaries to get a feel for the person and their creativity.  I enjoy working with clients to provide a truly customized piece.

My wife and I travel extensively which offers me opportunities to gather subject matter for future artwork from around the globe.

My work has been displayed at various venues including The Legislative Assembly at Queen’s Park, The MacLaren Art Centre, Hibernation Arts, Peter Street Fine Arts, The Loft Gallery and at Blue Mountain.

To sum it up, I’m …..  

Big on Color.  Big on canvas.  Big on Life. 




PHONE: 226.626.5025 or 705.238.1659