Theatre Festival Returns This July

By Press Release

The Simcoe County Theatre Festival returns to the Five Points Theatre in July 2023 with six new productions written, directed, and performed by local Simcoe County artists. A play for every taste, including a stoner comedy, dramas, and even an opera!


The Simcoe County Theatre Festival was first created in 2022 by Theatre by the Bay to provide opportunities for local theatre artists to write, direct and produce their own plays. Bringing the Festival back in 2023 was a no-brainer for Artistic Director, Iain Moggach. “An indie theatre scene is a sign of a healthy arts community,” says Artistic Director, Iain Moggach. “I am delighted that the Simcoe County Theatre Festival is returning for its second year to provide artists an incredible opportunity to have their work shown to the community and to grow and develop their theatre skills.”

The second annual Festival consists of six unique one-act plays ranging from 40 to 50 minutes in a variety of different genres and styles.

  • Canoe Lake – Written by Megan Adam and directed by Shanda Bezic. Summer resident Winnie Trainor accidentally meets Tom Thomson when he comes to Canoe Lake to paint. What follows is a poignant tale of wild non-conforming love that ends in the untimely and mysterious death of a Canadian artist.
  •  Planet of the Apps – Written by Kristian Diesen and directed by Stacey Schat. Come meet our middle-aged human as they navigate love, loneliness, golf addictions and the search for validation online. Whether in a mirror or through a screen, what does love look like in the 21st century?
  • Site #420 – Created by Black Cat Studios and directed by Archie Ballantyne. A group of four “stoner” friends finally make the time to go on that camping trip together until one friend goes mysteriously missing.
  • Sophie – Created by Alondra Vega-Zaldivar and directed by Valeria Bravo Reyes. A one woman opera that follows the life of a theatre actress. She recounts her life and lustrous career to a room full of reporters, but as the stories begin to unfold, her world crumbles into a brutal reality.
  • Stalling – Written by Michelle Greig and directed by Betony Main. Two women find themselves in a pub restroom during a funeral wake. As they face the reality of loss, Stalling gives an honest portrayal of love had, love lost, and love stolen.
  • Stiff and Sons – Written by Aidan Gouveia and directed by Rochelle Reynolds. With their funeral home on the edge of bankruptcy, one family resorts to extreme measures to save their dying business.

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