Artist Spotlight: Cheryl Daniells

By Jiun Liao

Cheryl Daniells has studied fine arts at University of Waterloo, Toronto School of Art, and at
various workshops throughout Ontario. After receiving her BA, Cheryl progressed to
architecture/engineering at Conestoga College and a design career in the construction industry.
Although Cheryl has been painting/drawing for over 30 years, she became serious about her
practice in 2017.

Since then, her work has been exhibited at galleries in Brampton, Barrie,
Toronto, North Bay, Orillia, Kirkland Lake, and Terrace BC. Cheryl works mainly with acrylics
and mixed media, and is most inspired by social justice issues and figurative work.

Her techniques often include bright colours mixed with black and white, negative space, and impasto.

She is consistently engaged in the arts community, and is involved in multiple public art projects
in her region. Cheryl continues to develop both her studio work, and her outdoor/community
Cheryl can be contacted through her website at or on Instagram @cd.fineart