From Simcoe County to Your Heart: The Enchanting Art of Kelsey Nicholls

By Jiun Liao

“Nature and emotions are the keys to unlocking her art”.

Kelsey, at Spirited Street Studios is a passionate artist that has a goal to bring creativity to as many eyes and hearts as she can. Nature and emotions are the keys to unlocking her art as she focuses on using these elements to create pieces that inspire, encourage, and evoke a sense of awe. Her artwork offers a unique perspective into her world, and she invites you to take a journey with her through the beauty of nature and emotions.

As an artist with a big heart, notably being called ‘spirited’, she is always excited to take on new projects and to work with clients from all walks of life. Her abilities range from designing logos to creating beautiful murals, 3D structural paintings, prints, stickers, and more. She believes that art has the ability to communicate powerful messages which is why she takes pride in creating meaningful and thought-provoking designs. Whether it’s a black and white illustrations or a colourful mural, Kelsey always keeps the audience and the design in mind.

Kelsey understands that art is a powerful tool that can be used to communicate messages and ideas and she always strives to deliver designs that are not only visually stunning but also impactful. With her expansive abilities and passion for creativity, you can trust that she will provide you with the best artistic solutions.

Kelsey is a proud Simcoe County resident and a passionate board member at Orillia and District Arts Council. Examples of Kelsey’s work can be found throughout Simcoe County in a number of commissioned pieces.