Villager Ventures: The King’s Wharf Theatre

By Hillary Handy

November is one of my least favourite months. It’s often the miserable in-between of fall and winter, when it’s wet and cold but not cold enough for snow. As such, I try to do one fun thing in November to have something to look forward to until we get to the hullabaloo surrounding the Christmas season.

So this month, I am writing preemptively about this adventure, so you too can get in on the action. Now, I do have some past experience with what I have lined up for the family so it won’t be surprising but it will be super fun!

We are going to see a play,  Peter Pan: The Panto, at the King’s Wharf Theatre. This is a hidden gem, just a stone’s throw from our region and I feel like I need to tell more people about it. Located on Georgian Bay, it is nestled amidst Discovery Harbour. From our house, it’s only 35 minutes away!  It is rustic with beautiful wooden beams and has wonderful acoustics. The productions are put on by Drayton Entertainment, which is a production company that travels around to their various stages across the province- Drayton, Waterloo, St. Jacob’s, Cambridge and Grandbend. The productions I have had the pleasure of viewing have been spectacular, with incredible professionalism and showmanship. The seating in the theatre is awesome, so all seats are good seats!

I have previously seen Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat with the WHOLE family, On Golden Pond, The Buddy Holly Story on a date with my husband and Fiddler on the Loose. I’m a big fan! Plus, the price point for tickets is very reasonable, compared to shows in the city. It’s much closer than trekking to Toronto to see broadway productions AND often the performances feature an ensemble of local children who are aspiring actors. It’s great to be able to support local theatre in that way, but also it is a high-calibre performance. You also often get to see the Pipers piping down at the Harbour too before showtime and can sneak a peek at the old ships. It’s just so lovely and picturesque. Now getting to the theatre in Penetenguishine is a little tricky but with Google Maps by your side, you’ll get there with no problems.

My son is obsessed with villains. So he is going to be thrilled to see Captain Hook with some theatrical magic and slapstick humour. A panto (pantomime) is also an interactive performance with humour and music. So it’s great for kids who may get ants in their pants mid-show as they don’t HAVE to sit still and quiet the whole time. 

Peter Pan is coming to the King’s Wharf Theatre November 8-November 25, 2023. Tickets can be purchased online at

If you end up seeing Peter Pan, let the team at the Villager know!