All are Welcome to The Couchiching Conservancy Annual General Meeting

By Courtney Baker

Couchiching Conservancy Annual General Meeting

We are happy to invite you to our 30th Annual General Meeting Saturday March second from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at Hawk Ridge Golf and Country Club (1151 Hurlwood Ln, Severn). 

If you have ever wondered how conservation works in your community, this is the meeting for you. 

We will attend to business, celebrate our successes in 2023 and enjoy guest speaker, Waubgeshig Rice, best selling and award winning author of Moon of the Crusted Snow, Moon of the Turning Leaves and more! 

Not only is an Annual General Meeting a great chance to hear from celebrated authors and thinkers, it is crucial for non-profits, offering community members a platform to review achievements, discuss future plans, elect leaders, and ensure transparency, it also fosters community engagement and shared decision-making. It is the best opportunity of the year to gather with our community of naturalists, environmentalists and all-round great people. 

There will be a special buzz with The Conservancy’s 30th anniversary on our minds. It is amazing what can happen in 30 years in an organization. From humble beginnings, friends around a table who decided to do something about the development pressures in our region, to becoming one of Ontario’s leading land trusts with three hundred volunteers and nine staff that has helped protect and care for nearly 15,000 acres of prime conservation land in the local area; The Couchiching Conservancy has moved from strength to strength. 

We have seen great change in not only in the climate movement but in the climate itself in the past three decades, but one thing that has remained the same, our desperate need for conservation. Across the planet organizations like ours have fought hard to keep homes on the map for everything from Bumble Bees to Elephants, creating connections across boarders for life to thrive as it has for generations. Here at home The Couchiching Conservancy we are dedicated to this work in and we will not stop protecting healthy habitats for our local wildlife.  

Local actions can bring about global changes and it is through this grass roots work that an area more than twice the size of the City of Orillia has been protected. There is always more work to be done and we invite you to dip your toe in, you may just be surprised by how many people you know who are already part of the climate movement. 

From volunteers, to donors, to founders and board members, it’s your chance to get to know us better!

Members can vote and if you’re new to the Conservancy, you can see how we operate, ask questions about our work, our Nature Reserves, and impact. 

Come, soothe your climate blues with the balm of community – join us March 2nd! 

Courtney Baker is Office and Acquisition Coordinator at The Couchiching Conservancy, a local land trust dedicated to protecting nature for future generations.