Villager Ventures- Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

By Hillary Handy

December is filled with hustle and bustle. I am guilty of trying to do all the things. I want to create the idyllic conditions for core memories. But sometimes doing too much is the worst thing you can do around the holidays. I’m trying to learn that less is more. Keep it simple.

BUT, for the Type As of the group, if you have to make a list and check it twice, there’s one thing I feel like you have to do during the holiday season. And that is to drive around looking at the Christmas lights. The Clark Griswolds of the neighbourhood work long and hard to showcase their talents in exterior illumination. It’s only fair that we do our part and make sure we see their handiwork at play. There’s a Facebook group called SIMCOE COUNTY CHRISTMAS LIGHTS that posts the locations of these homes, so if you’re a planner, you can plan the best route!


I remember the anticipatory feeling of searching for beautifully decorated homes. The sense of community, the warmth of your car and the cold of standing outside. The taste of warm hot chocolate afterwards. Those are things you remember. Those are core memories unlocked.

This is an easy family tradition to carry out because there are multiple opportunities wherever you happen to be, it’s free, it’s fun and it kick starts the holiday season. If you only have the time and capacity to do one thing this holiday season, make it a family drive. The best conversations often happen when you’re in a car. And the best Christmas Karaoke also happens when you’re strapped in, driving around. You could make it a whole thing and even make a scavenger hunt, trying to spot lights of different colours, different inflatable lawn decorations and count how many Frosty’s you see on lawns. You can walk downtown streets to look for lights and ride public transportation and spot decorations in your travels. It’s feasible to do wherever you are…as long as it’s dark outside.

For an elevated, paid experience, the Mystical Lights will be returning to Oro-Medonte again, but this year at Heidi’s Campground. Hewitts Fun Farm and Market will also be creating their Festival of Lights drive-thru experience once more in Severn.

We hope that you are able to create some fun, family memories of your own this December. But even if you can’t do all the things, you will do the most important things and that’s all that matters. 

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a very, Merry Christmas!

Love from this Villager and her Villagers