Artist Spotlight – Dominic Bingham

By Jiun Liao

Meet Dominic Bingham, an eclectic artist who has made a variety of different artwork throughout his entire life. While the style of art changes over time, the reason he creates does not. And that is to express himself! 

As an educator for the SCDSB, Dominic spends his time teaching primary students valuable life skills which will help prepare them for life’s challenges. He is a firm believer that students have the inner capability to achieve their dreams and to follow their own path. To do this, he models an environment where students feel safe enough to express themselves, whether that is through art, music, dance, literacy, or any other medium. By doing this, he hopes to help all of his students to develop a growth mindset (the belief that taking on new challenges make us more resilient individuals and failure doesn’t define our worth). 

Dominic creates unique artwork, each of which are different in their own way, each becoming more and more grandiose as he creates. By following his own path, he creates art that manifests difficult life challenges he has faced into artifacts worthy of being sculpted as representations of how far he has come. By doing so, he hopes to inspire others to face their own challenges with a similar vigour. 

local artist - Dominic Bingham

Artist Dominic Bingham

Dominic can be contacted via email ( or social media (@artbydomobing – Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube).